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About Us

Who We Are

Axis is an agile team of creative thinkers and doers who partner with future-minded businesses to deliver custom solutions for retail spaces, exhibitions and other environments where brands and markets interact. We’re driven by a simple idea—to make sustainable, eco-friendly solutions more affordable, adaptable and effective.

The cornerstone of our success is our people. We are able to tap into a pool of in-house brilliance for innovative designs and are spearheaded by industry stalwarts. Our head honchos are some of the most inspired minds in creative sustainability, and have over 50 years of combined experience in diverse projects and industries. From conferences, exhibitions, showrooms and retail to theatre and event designs and larger-than-life expos, we’ve seen it all. And we’re just getting started.

Why Choose Us

We provide tailored solutions for the range of exhibition, retail and display needs. No matter the size, objective or scope of the project, we have the skills and tools to give you the professional services you need to design and execute high-impact spaces and experiences.
We are a one-stop-shop. From design to project management to construction, our team works closely with yours, from first contact thru wrap-up. Whether for an exhibition or a retail outlet, you get design consultation, furniture, lighting, branding and signage, all under one roof.
All our projects fall under our overarching eco-framework. We only source reusable, recyclable and repurposed products from eco-accredited suppliers. Lighting to furniture to signage, our holistic philosophy lets you augment yours.
We’re able to provide our services more cost-effectively than most due to our close association with suppliers. We pass on the savings to you.

Meet Our Team

We’re proud of our people, and our people are proud of the work they do. We’re a close-knit family that has embraced sustainability and creative innovation as key drivers of our business. Our expertise is derived from the long and varied experiences of our principals, and the creative sensibilities of our industry-leading designers.


Project management and design

David brings over 20 years of experience in exhibitions, display and shopfitting, and is often the face of the company. A keen eco enthusiast, he is passionate about sustainable designs for traditional and contemporary structures.


Marketing and a nice guy to talk to

Zek’s long and eclectic career spans diverse engagements across different continents, but with one common thread—creative design for events and structures. Zek interfaces with clients, designers and builders and ensures each project is a success.


Operations and logistics

Fred is our resident go-to guy. He is tasked with supervisory responsibilities and makes sure your ideas and designs translate from the blueprints to the site.