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Furniture, Lighting and Signage

The magic is in the details. Axis lets you flesh out your retail, exhibition or POS site with impeccably-designed furniture, lighting and signage supplies to create an environment that’s perfectly attuned to your needs. All products we work with and recommend are aligned with our holistic, ecofriendly philosophy to reduce impact on the environment without taking away from user-engagement.


We provide lightweight, environmentally-conscious furniture made from repurposed material. They’re cheaper than traditional hire options and printable for branding. Best of all, you get to take it home. What’s not to like?


And our lighting and signage solutions are just as environmentally-conscious. We use LED lighting for our display solutions, which don’t just cut down on energy use, but look great doing so. Whether it’s light-boxes, window graphics or wall art vinyl, you get premium lighting and signage supplies that let you showcase your brand in all its glory.